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DIY: Leiste mit Pinn-Nadeln aus Kronkorken / Pinboard with Pushpins made of Crown Caps

I first read about this clever idea to produce my own pushpins with crown caps, photographs and cast resin on the Martha Steward "Craft of the Day"-site. What a serendipity, because the birthday of my father was coming nearer and nearer.

My parents just moved in my grandma's house. They put all their passion into the renovation last year and made it to a very comfortable and inspiring place, where the visitor will discover endless amounts of colorful, vintage, artistic, fancy and beautiful things in each and every corner.

I thought, one cute thing more won't harm anyone ;> As they live in Bavaria and you can find lots of Bavarian things in their home, I chose the "Bavaria theme", too.

Material Pinboard: corkboard, thin wooden slat to strengthen the pinboard, wood glue, staple gun, fabric with Bavarian blue-white pattern

Cut 2 pieces of corkboard to the required shape and size with a cutter. Take a jigsaw and saw one piece of slat to the same size. Then glue the pieces together sandwich-like: cork - slat - cork and let the glue dry.

Cut out the fabric so you will be able to cover the pinboard completely. Enwrap the pinboard with the fabric and fasten it on the back with your staple gun. I additionally cut out 2 thin pieces of fabric with zigzag scissors, formed a hanger and stapled it onto the back of the pinboard.

Material Pushpins: collect some crown caps, image-editing software + computer, color printer, cast-resin, clear adhesive foil, very thin nails

Beat one nail through the middle of each crown cap - from the inside to the outside. The resin will fix the nail later.

Choose the pictures you want to put into the crown caps. Edit your images and bring them to the right size using an image editing software. The inner diameter of a crown cap is 26,75 mm. I will upload a template this week. Then print the small round pics on photo paper. If you are a lucky guy, you already have printed images where you can cut out some motives. You can use the template as a stenicl then.

Put the adhesive foil on your photo-print and press it on to avoid bubbles between the layers. Cut out the pictures and put them into your crown caps.

Combine the resin and the hardener. Check the instruction manual carefully for the amounts. Pour the resin into your crown caps. Be careful that it doesn't flow over! Let it dry a few days. The resin is very toxic. It will be better to use it outside or in a room with open windows. It stinks awfully. But the result is worth it 8)


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